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Think about the experience from your candidate’s’ perspective and chance are, you’ll find a few opportunities to make the experience better for everyone.

  • Don't be Covert

    If you provide good information to candidates, they are twice as likely to complete the application process. Don’t make them search the internet trying to figure out who you are and what your company is about.

  • All the Jobs

    Don’t just list one category of jobs. List everything. Job seekers may apply for one position but when when they see all your postings, may realize their skill set is a better fit for an entirely different position. Besides, they may know someone looking for those other jobs as well.

  • The Application Process

    If you required the candidate to upload his or her resume, don’t ask for that same information in an online application. The number one complaint of job seekers is the amount of time it takes to apply for even one job. Even a short application taking 20 minutes equates to completing only 3 applications per hour.

  • Scheduling

    Remember, one attribute of a great candidate is that he or she is employed so be cognizant of their schedules. Offer interview times before and after work hours -even lunch break interview are popular.

  • Honesty is the Best Policy

    Let candidates know upfront what to expect and you’ll save everyone time and discomfort along the process. Autoresponders come in handy for keeping candidates informed. Let them know how they compare to other candidates. They want to know.

  • The Interview

    The interview is a time for both you, the employer or distributor and the candidate to get to know each other. We let our candidates know that both parties need to determine if the other is a good fit.

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  • Job Posting

    Med Reps will provide Distributor with actual Job Posting for approval one day prior to ad campaign start date

  • Ad Campaign

    includes social media marketing on three websites, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus

  • Candidate Rejections

    If Distributor rejects a candidate sourced by Med Reps, the same resource will be considered a Med Reps candidate within 6 months.

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Sounds Like What I've Been Looking For